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Kinda gone nuts with the gif making lately

(Actually at the point I'd rather gif downton than rewatch it. TBF, I have watch it A LOT.)

Just using this for comms.

ASOIF, Downton etc. Feel free to friend me.

eta - I'm a mod over at ONTD Downton, if you wanna talk Downton without the wank come join us.

Also need to track a decent Aus TV community, because honestly, it's really improved lately.

Watched Revenge last night

Not too shabby actually - couldn't stop laughing at some of the dialogue (I WILL DESTROY HER! Do rich people really go around talking like that?) but it was sufficiently entertaining.


At work, watching the cricket

Michael Clarke, bless his socks, just got eleventybaillion runs (okay, 329. Still a lot.) Suddenly all my coworker who bagged him out relentlessly are singing his praises.

To be fair, 329 is a LOT of runs.

I still kind of want to see India win though.


One of the neighbours is having a barbecue.

It smells great. Maybe it's time to befriend them.

Not sure how much I'll use this, it's mostly just to join communities. AND MAKE ICONS.